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RS007 SYNB - "Channel 10" c30 edition 44
SYNB is Matt Brinkman
RS008 Squirm Mat with Tong - "Casket Goo" c30 Mangled tape cavities tunneled and drilled on the trusty HP/Agilent 3964A Instrumentation Tape Recorder
RS011 - Heksehyl - Live at Mayhem" c30 Hekseyhl ("Withch Howl" in Danish) is Zven Balslev's (Angkor Wat/Oltretombe/Cult Pump) solo creep project
RS013 - VENT FREE GAS LOGS vol.1 (Pituitary Hunter / Hekseyhl)
Also available, EVIL MOISTURE "Blood Maniac" cassette, BLOODY MANIACS triple cassette
RSD012 SUPER CLIMAX vol 1 Royal Sperm compilation c90 featuring Nighttime Terror Beach Band, Ghost Milkers, Pituitary Hunter, Rolling Head with Adjustable Tongue, Olympic Shit Man, Tourette, Prosthetic Prick Decay, Sweepers, Arv & Miljo, Epileptic Maggots, Capers, Bob & Cody, Sluice Riders,  Z.B. Aids, Corpse Cruise, Maiden Taiwan and more.
RS005 Punctured Floating Head / Sockets of Service "Exorcist Style Reset Diagnostic" c80 HP/Agilent 3964A and Bruel & Kjaer 7006 FM recording / head misalignment experiments
RS015 Ghost Milkers - Live / Studio 2 x cassette / fax book (Edition of 10)
OUT NEXT: Translucent Envelope cs, Thai Horse / Z.B. AIDS cs, Olympic Shit Man cs, SUPER CLIMAX 2, Sex Kannibalen Op Ibiza VHS...
RS001 Ghost Milkers - Lactation Tank Overflow / People Must Eat!!! C60 #

RS002 Kludged Ovulary Kortex 2x cs / book SOLD OUT

RS003 Scavolini / Gabola SOLD OUT

RS004 Bat Vomit C90 #

RS005 Punctured Floating Head / Sockets of Service - Exorcist Style Reset Diagnostic #

RS006 Eplieptic Maggots - 5 x c90 set of E.M. live 1991-2017

RS007 SYNB - Channel 10 C40 #

RS008 Squirm Mat With Tong - Casket Goo C60 #

RS009 Epileptic Maggots "Endless Landscape of Burgers" C15 SOLD OUT

RS010 Evil Moisture - "Gaussian Maggots 2" lathe/book SOLD OUT

RS011 Heksehyl - Live at Mayhem C20 SOLD OUT

RS012 SUPER CLIMAX Vol.1 compilation featuring Ghost Milkers, Pituitary Hunter, Epileptic Maggots, Olympic Shit Man,  Tourette, Capers , Bob & Cody, Sluice Riders, Corpse Cruise, Z.B.AIDS, Maiden Taiwan. #

RS013 Heksehyl / Pituitary Hunter "Vent Free Gas Logs Vol.1" c60 #

RS014 "Translucent Envelope" one sided C60 #

RS015 Ghost Milkers "Live/Studio" c30/c60/book edition of 10 SOLD OUT

RS016 Pituitary Hunter - "BRAIN THEFT" c90 / synthetic tongue sample 12 euro

RS017 Z.B.AIDS (remixed by Ghost Milkers) - HALLUCINATIONS (Side B reveals ZB's liking for massively speeded up nu- beat as hidden code, argues "extreme gabba" =  2 second high-pitched whistle, which Ghost Milkers felt the need to unravel from discarded live tapes and slow down to the correct b.p.m. only to be told he was hallucinating and had in fact recorded 3 lost Front 242 albums) #

RS018 Body Has No Head - Spasms C90 (mad scientist / slithering sounds for baby / flowbee as bontempi airpump  demonstration by fluo ooze Portland duo, dedicated to the late great Ted V. Mikels) 8 euro

RS019 Fog Antenna - Blackest Sea C90 (pretend-absent-minded electronic feedback claws and backwards roots creep,  wooden microphones,  precious ingots, the mermaids purse as a nighttime antenna, insect chirps are our intercom... Documentation of a 10 year "ritual", for want of a better word. Secret curses, rain of summer pee washes away all past misdirections and lies, forcing the left hand of chance to speed up an inevitable tragedy and onward to victory with trophy). 8 euro

RS020 BBBLOOD -  el fin de semana me dej√≥ fatal C15 (caught live dishing out a finely chopped salad after a heavy  week, cheap walkman style) #

RS021 SCARE CREEM - "I keep my nails nice and short with my tongue" C15 (terrifying Ghost Milkers side-project of inflatable   prosthetic head/torso segmentation with foldable figure/background, each linkage no more or less than 0.002 second  "teeth" or "fangs" of disturbed air; and thus absolutely no concept of duration. For listeners with ability to  insert ear into inanimate object at will, substitute ear for viscous fluids, etc. #

RS022/23 Evil Moisture - Gaussian Maggots 1 and 2 (2 x C15 extended versions re-un-mastered for maximum gauss fur  growth) ##

RS024 SCARE CREEM - "Two Young Bicoded Hot Frauleins Often Drawled, I'se Going To Suck You Lazy Style" C15

OUT NEXT: CHOMO - "Subterraneo Contaminacion ruido" C60 + Ghost Milkers cd/cs, SUPER CLIMAX 2, HAINE cs...

Pituitary Hunter - "Fleisch Pond" C40 (scum your earth) 6 euro

EVIL MOISTURE "Blood Maniac" C30 # 
EVIL MOISTURE  "Septic Sistems" c30 #

MORE DEATH AND HORROR (any tape in series) #, double tape ## 10 euro

GOURMEAT  book (Bolus / Balslev) le dernier cri book (no records left) 25 euro

Tapes marked with a "#" are 5 euro, "##" = 10, etc.
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