EVIL MOISTURE "Blood Maniac" C30 (School Of Meat Cutting) 6 euro
EVIL MOISTURE "BLOODY  MANIACS" 3 x c90 (School Of Meat Cutting) 12 euro
EVIL MOISTURE  "Septic Sistems" c30 (School Of Meat Cutting) 6 euro

MORE DEATH AND HORROR 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 (any tape in series) 6 euro each

Pituitary Hunter - "Fleisch Pond" C40 (scum your earth) 6 euro


GOURMEAT  book (Bolus / Balslev) le dernier cri book (no records left) 25 euro

OUT SOON VHS/DVD set of Andy Bolus video work, an expanded version of Sex Kannibalen Op Ibiza DVD previously available.
RS001 Ghost Milkers - Lactation Tank Overflow / People Must Eat!!! C60 6 euro
RS002 Kludged Ovulary Kortex 2x cs / book SOLD OUT
RS003 Scavolini / Gabola SOLD OUT
RS004 Bat Vomit C90 6 euro
RS005 Punctured Floating Head / Sockets of Service - Exorcist Style Reset Diagnostic 6 euro
RS006 Eplieptic Maggots - 5 x c90 set of Evil Moisture live 1991-2017 20 euro
RS007 SYNB - Channel 10 C40 6 euro
RS008 Squirm Mat With Tong - Casket Goo C60 6 euro
RS009 Epileptic Maggots "Endless Landscape of Burgers" C15 8 euro
RS010 Evil Moisture - "Gaussian Maggots 2" lathe/book SOLD OUT
RS011 Heksehyl - Live at Mayhem C20 6 euro
RS012 SUPER CLIMAX Vol.1 compilation C90 6 euro
RS013 Heksehyl / Pituitary Hunter "Vent Free Gas Logs Vol.1" C60 6 euro
RS014 "Translucent Envelope" one sided C60 6 euro
RS016 Pituitary Hunter - "BRAIN THEFT" c90 / synthetic tongue sample 10 euro
RS015 Ghost Milkers "Live/Studio" c30/c60/book edition of 10 SOLD OUT

RS017 Z.B.AIDS (remixed by Ghost Milkers) - HALLUCINATIONS 6 euro
RS018 Body Has No Head - Spasms C90 8 euro
RS019 Fog Antenna - Blackest Sea C90
RS020 BBBLOOD-  el fin de semana me dej√≥ fatal C15 6 euro
RS021 SCARE CREEM - "I keep my fingernails nice and short with my tongue" C15 6 euro
RS022/23 Evil Moisture - Gaussian Maggots 1 and 2 double C15 reissue 10 euro
RS024 SCARE CREEM - "Two Young Bicoded Hot Frauleins Often Drawled, I'se Going To Suck You Lazy Style" C15 6 euro
RS026 CHOMO - Subterraneo Contaminacion Ruido C60 6 euro
RS025 HAINE cs out soon
Pointless decorative thing
RS028 Convulsing Werewolf - 1 s/sided C90
RS029 Ghost Milkers - Island Of Mutations 1 C15 6 euro
RS030 Ghost Milkers - Island Of Mutations 2 C15 6 euro
Special price for you my friend: pick any 5 regular tapes (normally 6 euro) plus one free for 30 euro shipped to France, 35 euro anywhere else in Europe, and USA/Japan 38 euro. This only works if you pay me in such a way that I don't pay any fees, to paypal or whoever. Offer doesn't apply to tapes with special packaging, e.g. RS016. Double tape counts as 2 items, triple as 3.
For inquiries about Royal Sperm, Imperial Sperm, Living Velcro, Convulsing Werewolf Saliva Squirter Expansion Pack, Hewlett Packard Punctured Floating Head, and also if you are trying to order a Gasolined Rat, Chopper/Masher etc please check the other links or email me here: andy dot bolus at gmail dot com. If you just want to paypal me money use this ad: evilmoisture666 at gmail dot com.
ROYAL SPERM PATCHES, 10cm x 7cm grey and black iron-on, 10 euro shipped anywhere or 7 euro with tape order
RS032 co-produced with FLTMSTPC Andy Bolus "Liquiflesh" book/C90 limited to 20 copies 15 euro
RS033 Fog Antenna - "change a l'infini les decors de ces abandons..." C90 all new material, fake avant garde designed to give you the creeps! 6 euro
RS006B remastered and longer 5 x c90set of Evil Moisture live stuff from 1995-2017 20 euro