RS040 DK720 - Mythical Beast 2 x C15
RS034 C.I.A. Débutante - Molly's Cabinet C60
RS031 Fog Antenna - live at Op Oloop  s/sided C60 / book
RS030 Ghost Milkers - Island Of Mutations vol.2 C15
RS029 Ghost Milkers - Island Of Mutations vol.1 C15
RS010 Evil Moisture - Gaussian Maggots 2 lathe/book
RS020 BBBLOOD -  el fin de semana me dejó... C15
RS018 Body Has No Head - Spasms C60
RS015 Ghost Milkers - Live/Studio" C30/C60/book edition of 10
RS011 Heksehyl - Live at Mayhem C30
RS003 Scavolini / Gabola C30
RS002 Kludged Ovulary Kortex 2x cs / book
evilmoisture666 at
RS001 Ghost Milkers - Lactation Tank Overflow / People Must Eat!!! C60
RS004 Bat Vomit C60
RS005 Punctured Floating Head / Sockets of Service - Exorcist Style Reset  Diagnostic C60
RS006 Eplieptic Maggots - 5 x C90 set of E.M. live
RS007 SYNB - Channel 10 C40
RS012 SUPER CLIMAX Vol.1 compilation C90
RS008 Squirm Mat With Tong - Casket Goo c45
RS009 Epileptic Maggots - Endless Landscape of Burgers C15
RS013 Heksehyl / Pituitary Hunter - Vent Free Gas Logs Vol.1 c60
RS014 Translucent Envelope (Bob Desaulniers) s/sided C60
RS016 Pituitary Hunter - BRAIN THEFT C90
RS017 Z.B.AIDS (remixed by Ghost Milkers) HALLUCINATIONS C45
RS019 Fog Antenna - Blackest Sea C90
RS021 SCARE CREEM - I keep my fingernails nice and short with my tongue C15
RS022/23 Gaussian Maggots 1 & 2  2 x C15
RS024 SCARE CREEM -  Two Hot Bicoded Young 'Frauleins' Often Drawled, 'I'm  Going To Fuck You Lazy Style' C15
RS025 Fog Antenna -  Change A L'infini Les Decors de Ces Abandons...on Peut  Craindre Les Habitudes, Ces Funestes Habitudes... C90
RS026 Chomo - Subterraneo Contaminacion Ruido C60
RS027 HAINE - Collection C15
RS028 Convulsing Werewolf (variable length)
RS031B Fog Antenna - live at Op Oloop  s/sided C60
RS032 SCARE CREEM - Liquiflesh C90 / 36 page A4 book REPRINTED!
RS033 Benzodrome / Ghost Milkers - Spanish Curse CDR
RS035 L'Amour Unter Kannibalen DVD or VHS (state PAL or ntsc)
RS036 Fusiller - La Civilisation C40
RS037 G.Eiler - Pornograph s/sided C60 OUT SOON
RS038 Pituitary Hunter - Endless Night 2x C15, C60 and DVD
RS039 Ghost Milkers - Vibro-impact Dynamics C90
RS041 Nightclub Toilet - live at Peace 'n' Love Hostel C60
RS042 C.Brant - You're My Sister Nicotine Patch cdr
RS043 Benzodrome - anxiety attack hangover C15
RS044 Ghost of Guts Eater DVD or VHS (state PAL or ntsc)
RS044B Orgasmo Esotico VHS (state PAL or ntsc)
RS045 MIX APE found in the street C90 / green goo
RS046 Evil Moisture - Bone Mics Vol.1  4 x C30 box
RS048 T. Laroche - Lumpsucker Network s/sided C60
RS052 Evil Moisture - Food Scare c40
RS050 Evil Moisture "Cesarian Wind Section" (Reissue) C30
RS049 E - Cartopsy (reissue plus unreleased material) 2 x C30
RS047 Evil Moisture - Yerm Flowers (reissue) C30
RS053 Fog Antenna - plays Zombi Holocaust CDR
RS051 Evil Moisture / ISOFC "Ampex Motor Mollusc" (reissue) C30
RS054 Evil Moisture / Ghost Milkers / Fog Antenna - 6x cassette box
RS054C Evil Moisture / Ghost Milkers / Fog Antenna - cd version
RS055 Best Of Fog Antenna (unreleased)
RS056  SCARE CREEM ‎- Sex Paint
RS057 Evil Moisture Enturbulated Morphoontology (9 cd version)
RS058 Heksehyl Pituitary Hunter - Visiting Massage (unreleased)
RS060  Ibiza Death ‎- Live at Trieze
RS061  Evil Moisture - Lawnmower Classics Vol 1 c30
RS063  Esplendor Elastico untitled book / double c30
RS064  Corpse Cruise - welcome to the hell double c15
RS066  DETH - DETH 1
rs066b punctured floating head c30
RS066c distributed exhaust nozzle c30
RS067  Evil Moisturizer - Spykes Style 4 tape box
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