RS001 Ghost Milkers - Lactation Tank Overflow / People Must Eat!!! C60 6 euro
RS002 Kludged Ovulary Kortex 2x cs / book SOLD OUT
RS003 Scavolini / Gabola SOLD OUT
RS004 Bat Vomit C90 6 euro
RS005 Punctured Floating Head / Sockets of Service - Exorcist Style Reset Diagnostic 6 euro
RS006 Eplieptic Maggots - 5 x c90 set of Evil Moisture live 1991-2017 20 euro
RS007 SYNB - Channel 10 C40 6 euro
RS008 Squirm Mat With Tong - Casket Goo C60 6 euro
RS009 Epileptic Maggots "Endless Landscape of Burgers" C15 8 euro
RS010 Evil Moisture - "Gaussian Maggots 2" lathe/book SOLD OUT
RS011 Heksehyl - Live at Mayhem C20 6 euro
RS012 SUPER CLIMAX Vol.1 compilation C90 6 euro
RS013 Heksehyl / Pituitary Hunter "Vent Free Gas Logs Vol.1" C60 6 euro
RS014 "Translucent Envelope" one sided C60 6 euro
RS016 Pituitary Hunter - "BRAIN THEFT" c90 / synthetic tongue sample 10 euro
RS015 Ghost Milkers "Live/Studio" c30/c60/book edition of 10 SOLD OUT

RS017 Z.B.AIDS (remixed by Ghost Milkers) - HALLUCINATIONS 6 euro
RS018 Body Has No Head - Spasms C90 8 euro
RS019 Fog Antenna - Blackest Sea C90
RS020 BBBLOOD-  el fin de semana me dej√≥ fatal C15 6 euro
RS021 SCARE CREEM - "I keep my fingernails nice and short with my tongue" C15 6 euro
RS022/23 Evil Moisture - Gaussian Maggots 1 and 2 double C15 reissue 10 euro
RS024 SCARE CREEM - "Two Young Bicoded Hot Frauleins Often Drawled, I'se Going To Suck You Lazy Style" C15 6 euro
RS026 CHOMO - Subterraneo Contaminacion Ruido C60 6 euro
RS025 HAINE cs out soon
RS028 Convulsing Werewolf - 1 s/sided C90
RS029 Ghost Milkers - Island Of Mutations 1 C15 6 euro
RS030 Ghost Milkers - Island Of Mutations 2 C15 6 euro
To order email: evilmoisture666 at gmail dot com.
3 new books , one with the covers of every E/Evil Moisture release chronologically (116 pages), another same style for Royal Sperm covers, and a third book of old flyers should all be available (reprinted) in about a week.
DVDrs are region-free, but for VHS please state ntsc or PAL. The colours might be a bit 'wrong' on ntsc.
ROYAL SPERM PATCHES, 10cm x 7cm grey and black iron-on, 10 euro shipped anywhere or 5 euro with tape order
RS032 co-produced with FLTMSTPC Andy Bolus Liquiflesh book/C90 limited to 20 copies SOLD OUT
RS033 Fog Antenna - Change a l'infini les decors de ces abandons... C90 6 euro
RS034 CIA Debutante - Molly's Cabinet C40 6 euro
RS035 Benzodrome / Ghost Milkers - Spanish Curse CD 6 euro
RS036 Fusiller - La Civilisation C20 6 euro
RS037 G.Eeiler - Pornograph
Famed sex-therapist turned psyops consultants' unused "mind map" test tapes with blanks left for subject responses
s/sided C90 6 euro
RS038 Pituitary Hunter plays Sonsuz Gece (Endless Night) -  Tapes are compositions using / inspired by Turkish film Sonsuz Gece, plus c90 of more raw material, DVD is untouched film
(2 x c15, 1 x c90 and DVD in reel to reel box)
45 euro
RS039 Ghost Milkers - Vibro-impact Dynamics c90
6 euro
RS040 Deepkiss 720 - Mythical Beast double c15
12 euro
RS041 Nightclub Toilet (Z.B. AIDS / Disposition Matrix) - Live at Love 'n' Peace Hostel c40 6 euro
RS042 C.Brant You're My Sister Nicotine Patch CD 8 euro
RS043 Benzodrome - Anxiety Attack Hangover c15 6 euro
RS045 Andy Bolus - L'Amour Unter Kannibalen VHS 10 euro or DVD 6 euro
RS044 Andy Bolus - Ghost Of Guts Eater VHS 10 euro or DVD 6 euro (Choose cover A or B or add 5 euro for both)
Black Emanuelle tshirt, grey on black or black on white, euro size M. 15 euro
OUT SOON Liquiflesh book reprinted in silkscreen, MIX APE, Copulator, Sick Llama/Evil Moisture, Super Climax 2....
EVIL MOISTURE "Blood Maniac" C30 (School Of Meat Cutting) 6 euro
EVIL MOISTURE "BLOODY  MANIACS" 3 x c90 (School Of Meat Cutting) 12 euro
EVIL MOISTURE  "Septic Sistems" c30 (School Of Meat Cutting) 6 euro
MORE DEATH AND HORROR 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 (any tape in series) 6 euro each
EVIL MOISTURE - Floating Gums c30 (Post Materialization Music) 8 euro